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Hello! I added children to my home that already had Dobermans by way of my now husband, lol. It was sure an adjustment for all of us. That was 12 years ago, but now my oldest stepson has 2 children of his own: a 1 year old and a 1 month old. They were all just at our house over the weekend, where I now have a 6 year old male Doberman and a 5 month old female Doberman. I have been in this breed for a couple decades and, even so, I am STILL exhausted from 36 hours of watching the 1 year old child move around the house while tracking what the dogs were up to. Can it be done? Absolutely. However, I know my dogs' histories and also have worked with dog training long enough to have a good idea of body language and what might happen next. And I was still freaked out.
I don't think you should automatically give this dog over to rescue. I have been actively involved in rescue for a long time, as well, and some of the best Dobermans I've met were/are rescues. But I think you have to have a very solid plan for not just providing a place for him to live, but a very busy/stimulating atmosphere where he gets a lot of attention as well and can be an integral part of the family. This breed demands and deserves it.
There is no shame at all in working with a rescue to find a good home for him, should it come to that. I would just suggest taking a good hard look at what all you can offer him in the exercise, stimulation, attention department as well as financially - this is certainly not the healthiest breed out there.
Thank you for taking him in and keeping him safe, too, while you figure out what is best. That is really wonderful!

ETA: Here's some of the controlled chaos from over the weekend. I wouldn't have it any other way! It just isn't for everyone, either.

The 1 year old is obviously never left alone with the dogs. She is also being taught how to be gentle, not take their toys, etc.
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