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A week ago, a 6-8 month old male doberman followed us home from the river. Took him to the vet, no microchip. Posted fliers and on local Facebook groups, no responses.

He is the absolute sweetest dog. We are considering keeping him, but we are a bit nervous about the amount of attention and exercise Dobermans require. We have three small children - ages 1, 3, and 7. My husband and I both work from home. We have a large fenced in backyard and a covered deck. We live in Sacramento, so the weather is pretty good year round, except when it's crazy hot in the summer.

With these kids, our days are extremely hectic and full already. But this poor guy needs a home, and he would enrich our family as well.

Reading the posts here, it sounds like lots of doberman owners are able to focus on their dogs for many hours a day. We can't exactly do that - while we can train and exercise him regularly, he won't be the center of our lives. We will need him to fit into our world. Is this reasonable to expect?

I would love to hear what people think, especially from anyone with young kids. (As a side note - should we be concerned about the safety of our children with the dog?)

Here he is :)
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