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Welcome to DT !

I'll start with , No kids here as you asked for in response , But think the questions for you 2 to answer are

1. Dobermans do need attention and will demand it !

2.. I read where you have 3 young kids , Dobers take some money to raise . I guess what I'm saying , will you have the extra money to take care of your family and the Dober ?

3. 6 to 8 months , boy them Dobers can be a handful at that age , ( Playing )

4. You will need to spend time teaching your kids to be with him , NO pulling on ears , and if they play hard with him , he will play hard back .

5. Do you and your Hubby have dog experience - puppy ? Large breed dogs ? If No then you may need to just pass .

6. This pup will need to start going to training classes as soon as possible , they will work with you training him and that will make life better

7. You do have a lot going for yourself ! Large fenced in area = great ! You both work from home = another bonus ! Yet you will need to house break him

8. And to me , a important question is : How do you rate your patience ? For both of you ? I will tell you firsthand - they are super smart and they can reason and they will test you somedays , lol This is where you have to have the patience , lol

9 . Good luck and keep in the loop
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