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Big Lil pup
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Hi Abby. Welcome from the Pacific NW

Well.... It will require some effort. And It may not work out in the long run, requiring you to seek a new home for the pup.

That being said.... My adult son and I both keep Dobermans, although I am briefly Dobe-less. My son was born into a home with a male Dobe, and he and his wife have 2 boys, ages 3 and 6 years old. The kids have been raised around Dobermans, and I cannot even imagine them without their black and tan shadows. Their dog, Popeye, sleeps in their room and is always at their sides. The older boy has a a very good grasp of commanding the pup, as he did with my dog. The youngest was only 1 year old when Popeye came home right after they had to let their senior boy go. The pup is a constant in his life. No different than his parents or his brother. The have both experienced the passing away of our dogs (one of theirs and one of mine), and and responded well.

There is a learning curve, that applies to both the puppy and the children. The first consideration should be restricting interactions between the kids and the pup. They should never be together unsupervised. The children need to learn moderation and restraint in their approach, This is especially true, given the puppy's age. The dog must learn his limitations. This can pretty much all be done with positive training. And, in my experience, in a very short time, they will develop a bond that will last for the dog's entire life. The pup becomes an integral part of the family. And, I can tell you in no uncertain terms, that our Dobermans, with proper training, care and love, have been the perfect additions to our household.

The puppy should be crate trained. This will initially allow for "time outs" and a place for the pup to crash when he gets over stimulated. Eventually, the crate can become his safe and secure place to retreat. A den or lair, so to speak. Dogs and kids, no matter how well they get along, need the ability to voluntarily separate.

One final note: The 1 year old aside... Once the puppy matures a bit, and both he and the 3 and the 7 year old learn their boundaries, the kids can actually take some of the responsibility off your hands. The can feed him, crate him, play in the fenced yard with him, teach him tricks and commands. In the not to distant future, maybe a couple of years, your older child should be able to walk him. My oldest grandson, has been walking the dogs, with supervision, since he was 4. And my dog was about 80 lb, well leashed trained and non-reactive.

Oh... One FINAL final note: ECIN, mentioned finances. Today, responsible dog ownership is expensive. Routine vet visits, food, supplies, and even pet insurance and add up. Then, there are the unexpected bills, that always seem to come up at the worst time. Just make sure that keeping this pup would be something that would fit comfortably in your budget.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. There is a lot of experience here.

John L
Portland OR

Popeye 1, Josie 2 , Gabriel 5

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