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Another interesting article by Susan Thixton of The Truth About Pet Foods.

"Just because petsumers think meat when the ingredient 'chicken' is listed on a label, doesn't mean the pet food actually contains chicken meat. Pet food can have a very different definition of 'chicken'. Thanks to very broad Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) ingredient definitions, the ingredient 'chicken' listed on a pet food label could be nothing more than skin, bone, cartilage, and maybe a few tiny fragments of meat....

AAFCO pet food regulations won't allow pet foods to state Grade of Ingredient on a pet food label....

You really need to read the whole article to get the information on how to check and see exactly what kind meat ingredients you are dealing with. Especially the grades. Yes, you can find out what grade of meat your pet food contains.:)

Is there Chicken in Chicken Pet Foods?
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