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is there a PacNW Doberman Rescue anymore?

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I've heard of someone in my area that might be looking for a home for her boy doberman. She rescued him from a shelter, so no breeder to return him to. This person hasn't asked for my help - I heard through someone else. But it got me wondering.. since Marty Young's passing, did someone step in to fill that void? or is there still an Oregon/Washington doberman rescue still operating? If there is, I might approach this person and suggest they contact the rescue org.
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There are three groups doing Doberman rescue in the PNW. Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue has Nancy Phillips handling the Dobermans for the Seattle, WA area. In Salem Oregon, there is Ceilidh Campbell who also handles purebred Dobermans, and of course there's Linn Benton Doberman Rescue here in Linn County.

Currently, we're completely full at LBDR, I'm picking up the last dog we have room for tomorrow at the Marion County Dog Shelter. Ceilidh moves dogs pretty quickly, so you should try her.
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There are a couple of us in BC as well but I would say utilize us if the dog has no other hope. I would hate to see a dog die simply for no room.....
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so the lady told me she found her boy a good home. But thanks all for the rescue info - now I know if I'm ever asked.
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