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Is Orson the only weirdo that likes.........

2131 Views 38 Replies 28 Participants Last post by  Sooz steal all my plastic bottles to play with??

I can bribe this dork with any toy he owns, and he would still rather steal my water bottles, pop bottles, even 2 liters.......Is it just him??

I think I am wasting my $$ on dog toys!!

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Rudi isn't into the bottle thing. He never really steals anything......except for cat toys laying about the house. All of the kitty toys are horded over by his bed and "toy box."
Last weekend I repainted my bedroom walls and trim. I had bought a blue roll of painters tape and a purple roll that I was using on the trim work. I put the purple roll down and when I needed it again....I couldn't find it....I thought I had placed it on top of a table and thought it may have been knocked off and rolled under a dresser or the bed......I couldn't find it anywhere in the house (my house is a little cluttered-I'm repainting almost everything!)
A while later, I went to check on Rudi in the living room.......and as I went over to his sit down and give him some lovins.....there it was, over by his mound of toys!

Sneaky boy!

Atleast there were only a few teeth marks in it and he didn't destroy a $7 roll of tape!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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