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Is Orson the only weirdo that likes.........

2136 Views 38 Replies 28 Participants Last post by  Sooz steal all my plastic bottles to play with??

I can bribe this dork with any toy he owns, and he would still rather steal my water bottles, pop bottles, even 2 liters.......Is it just him??

I think I am wasting my $$ on dog toys!!

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Gaston has always loved bottles, small, two liter, gallon etc. he loves them all, Roxy likes them too. I'll tell you something else both love to tear up is the cola, soda whatever you choose to call it cardboard fridge containers that hold 12 cans. Toss one of those on the floor and both of mine go nuts ripping them to shreds!!!!! Very cheap fun but lots of shredded cardboard to pick up but oh! well it's not that bad and our SRD's don't mind watching us pick up their mess!!!!!
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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