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Twinkletoes said:
Hi and welcome to the forum..its great you are finding out abit more about the breed before making your final decision.. ive tried to answer your questions below but may not have covered everything and plus im in abit of a hurry as im going out soon...also these are just my opinions so others may differ from mine and others will probably think of things i didnt ..i still early in the morning here in the u.k :)

1) a doberman can handle being alone but not for very long hours..they are velcro dogs and enjoy the company of their owner.
2) my personal opinion on this one is i woudlnt get a doberman if i did not have a yard ..i enjoy harvey having the space when im at home to chill out in the garden or come in and relax when he feels like it. If you are planning on walking the dog i would walk it for aslong as you can..more towards an hour than a just 30 minutes...some dogs work fine on 30 minutes ..but each dobie is different ... for my harvey to relax i have to give him a real fast pace walk and off-lead running for an hour so he comes back panting and eager to relax..exercise relieves the dog of stress and tension...but i live in the area where he can do that. If you do not walk your dog and he gets anxious about you leaving and gets bored in the apartment you could come back to some serious destruction..
3) Again this is my opinion and othes may differ..
Dobermanns are generally aloof to someone very new and will most probably bark at them but raised properly will not be aggresive ..they will often stand back watch whats happening and then decide whether he can be bothered saying dobie was abused and has never acted aggresive.
Some dobermanns are aggressive due to them being owned by an someone who hasnt done all their homework and doesnt realise the time it takes to socialise etc . this is generally not the dogs fault just the humans. Some dobermanns are 'aggressive' as they are trained to be a proffesional guard dog..again thre is nothing wrong with this as long as they are trained by a proffesional..not something any joe public should attempt. Unfortunalty in the 70's-80's the doberman was used alot in films ..their size, bark, and whole look of them with the cropped ears etc was exactly what movie makers were looking for in the role of 'scary dog'..i remeber them on a JAmes Bond MOvie. They are generally not the kind of dog that will wag its tail and jump all over the stranger thats just enteretd you house. They are meant to be watchfull, alert, fearless, etc but after awhile they become very friendly to new faces.
4) In my mind it would be just as hard to get a puppy than a rescue..they require lots of time love and training and rescues can somtimes come with 'baggage' that need sorting out and further training which means more money.

there is also the food bills ..they require a quality food as with any dog and there is also the amount they eat. There is also training and socialisation classes and a crate or cage to house your puppy/dog safely whilst you are out. Im not sure how you feel about crating as peoples views differ. They also need to be house trained and trained for a crate. There are vacinations and insurance which i would advise to get. this is not a full list as their are lots of bits and pieces in between which could cost money like treats and leads and collars , micro chipping your dog so it could be found in the event of it getting loose etc.

~Also does you landlord allow pets? (not sure if you have checked this out yet)
~what characteristics were you looking for in a dog? how much time do you have to devote to grooming and maitenance etc.

I agree with most of what she says, but especially on the fact that they arent gonna greet every stranger like best pals, do u like that fact? Even my 4 month old stands back and observes, they have a great sense of smelling out a threat, this type of Dog will make u safe when u go on walks, i just recently found proof in that. They are the only breed that was bred to protect humans
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