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I am very impressed that you are researching your breeds and applaud you for that. If I may ask what all breeds are you interested in?

The posts here pretty much sum it up, dobies are notoriously velcro dogs that are happiest with their owner. They can get along well and accept many people in their lives, however you may be happier and better off with the liability factor with a different dog that doesn't have the protection drive of a doberman.

What a few people have mentioned about breeders wanting people to own their own homes is true. For one there are many home insurances that don't cover a doberman, and a reputable breeder will be concerned about where their puppy will end up in a few years.

Dobermans have many health problems that can affect the breed and really put a damper on quality of life, so if you've ruled out a rescue I can only stress that you would go to a reputable breeder, and not someone selling dobermans in the local paper. Which brings us to the problem above of a reputable breeder and the apartment issue.

All and all, JIMO, I'd keep up the good work and look into other breeds.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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