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DreamDoby said:
She is too cute. I tried the blanket over the kennel once and found pieces of it pulled into the kennel and chewed up. Never did that again. If anything was near Doodles kennel, he found a way to pull it in and shred it. Curtains, paper, whatever. What fun! I miss those days sometimes.
Exactly. I see on the breeders site where she recommends tethering for small puppies, even tethering them to the bed while sleeping. She can't be serious?
Puppies will chew their bedding, chew the bed frame, and then chew the leash, etc. That can result in impactions and some impactions are life threatening, at best it just results in lots of damaged property. Not a smart suggestion. I don't think leaving a puppy on a tether unsupervised (while you are sleeping counts as unsupervised) is a smart or safe suggestion for any puppy (working, show, or pet, mouthy not mouthy, etc), so many bad things can happen. =( A crate is your best bet or an exercise pen with safe toys to chew when the puppy needs to chew on something.

By the way I had that happen too. Somehow my boy scooted his crate next to the bed and tore up a brand new down king size comforter. And he was in a e-collar at the time since he was licking his neuter wounds, but the e-collar didn't stop him from eating the comforter thru his crate =)
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