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Introducing... my non dobe

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Ok, so after being here a while and all, i finally asked if i could post pictures so here he is.

This is our dog, Strike. He is a 5 year old akita mixed with pitbull. We got him from our local shelter after losing our rottie mix. I wanted a rott, but the one I wanted was adopted. I was so mad, but we continued to look around anyway and me and my brother casme across Strike. When we went to get him, my mom asked if I really thought he was a social dog, cuz she had her doubts. Now she talks with him more then anyone, really. We couldn't be happier with him.

The first few are about 2 years old, but he looks the same, just a little fatter and grayer.

taken yesterday off my phone, sorry they r so bad tho

reading up on all his doberfriends

and just for fun i thought i'd post pictures of my manager's new 8 wk old akita puppy. we both love akitas so they will have lots of fun playing together as she grows.


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awww he is a really neat looking dog! glad you came across him in the shelter :) I love the picture of him reading up on the doberfriends :)
And you can really see the Akita in his general build.
He is a good looking dog. He looks so sweet!
thanks guys! he is really cool lookin'. the pictures really dont do him justice tho.

brum, glad you could tell! he totally acts akita too. he even does this thing where he stretches out his front paws when he plays. it is so cute and it is a very typical akita trait. people think he is double jointed or something. lol.

he is a very sweet dog, he hates it when people are upset, and thrives when your happy.
I think he looks fabulous............and I am always happy to hear it when someone saves a dog and gives it a forever home! :)
He is very sweet looking. His little curly tail is cute.
Strike is a very handsome boy, he looks so healthy and loved.

The pup is adorable too.
Nice feller, he definately looks well loved! :) I too applaud you for checking into a shelter for your pup, more doggies should be so lucky!
thank you all. he is so well loved and spoiled too. thats why he got fat, my mom started putting all her human emotions onto him. "oh he came up to me, he was hungry and I had to share!" uh, no mom, he is a dog, a smart dog. Hes manipulating you so he can get food! For a while she was in denial so we had to stop buying milkbones and such. Poor strike, had to suffer cuz my couldn't help herself.Lol. Really he is spoiled tho. Sleeps on my bed everynight, still gets more table scraps then he should. Gosh, I knew we shouldnt have gone for such a cute one! When he gets his wrinkles on his head and stares intensely, she crumbles everytime. I dont look at him when I eat. But we are just glad we can give him a good life. Our rott was in the shelter for more then a year before we got her. We saved her life because I know no body was going to adopt her and she died two years later of kidney failure.

There is a dog at the shelter right now that I REALLY want. She hsa been there since 2000 but she is dog aggressive. I am trying so desperatly to get her a home so she dosn't have to die there.:sadcry: Breaks my heart.

Sorry to make u all depressed, anywho I love that we got him from a shelter, worth every penny. Gonna get my dobe from illinois dobe rescue(IDR) and I will probably get my first purebred rott from a breeder cuz I wanna show. After that it will be more rescuing.

We love his tail too, when he is really happy we call it helicopter cuz it goes all around its SO funny. We all really love him a ton and only wish we got to see him as a pup. Healthy, yes aside from being 7lbs overweight. We just started him on canidae this morning so that should help too.
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He very sweet looking, and I am glad you are very happy with him.
Strike is a beautiful boy!

Heheh, my Scrappy dog has the helicoptor tail when she's happy too :) I know just what you are saying!

Strike is incredibly handsome! I can tell you are devoted to him! You can really see the pitt and akita in him too!
Awww, Strike is a good looking guy. He looks like solid muscle to me! So glad that you found him and love him so much. I really like his white "socks" :D
speaking of loveable cute mutts :) Lexus I love seeing pictures of Lexus and your other too!!! Its so cute to see beautiful and dignified lexus with adorable doggies on each side of her! :)
handsome guy ya got there :)
I love akitas, they're so pretty.
How's the shedding with him? That's one thing I don't miss about my shepherd...
no coat blowing with a dobe! hehehe
thankx guys! I am glad you can all tell he's sweet. I told him about all the compliments and I think he might have blushed a little. *ps: he thinks it came from the dobes! shhh!*

Lexus- you definately know what I'm talkin about then! your other guys are cute too, do you know what mixes they are? Yea, we can really see both breeds in him but more akita. Im happy you all can see it too.

BiB-his legs are still solid muscle. his belly is a bit big. but to be honest, we didnt even notice when he started putting on weight cuz he actually does have a wide boned chest. Thanks we love his socks too. especially the front ones. I think it makes him even more a character. His coat colors are akita. his ears are actually triangles too, but they are broken cuz he is not a purebred-- hence the funny way they stand up. they can actually fold 2 different ways, so its kinda cool.

Tamena-they are so pretty; and fortunately he inherited a shorter, less dense coat cuz of the pitt side. his shedding isnt bad at all. about the same as our rotts was. or maybe we just dont notice sometimes cuz we have 3 cats! with my manager's pup, i can already feel her coat is nice and thick, def gonna shed more then his ever will. Thats part of my biggest hesitation to wanting a purebred tho. What can I say, we got lucky.
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I think he's just gorgeous! I love akitas and if it weren't for all the fur.... I also love Jindos but again, fur!
Yeah, we *guessing* that Scrappy (curly helicoptor tail girl) has some boxer hiding somewhere in her. Not enough to have a boxer parent, but she has the head shape (not quite as "boxerish" of a muzzle but very similar), I joke she looks like a boxer/shiba cross (sounds pretty outlandish, but she really does look like a cross of the two breeds!)

Harley's mostly aussie, who ever was responsible for this horrendous breeding also had his tail docked. He probably has something else in there too b/c of his short coat and bat ears. Of course I've seen aussies and shelties with "prick" ears that stand like his too, as pups they usually work on them to make sure they fold. BUt ether way he's all about herding and chasing anything that moves!

(BTW his coat isn't as short as it looks in my siggie, he was shaved down that summer, but it isn't a full aussie coat, he doesn't have the soft undercoat, just the coarse outter coat)
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