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Some of you might remember, I lost my girl Greta to DCM this summer. I find it difficult to get a new dog right away, but I thought fostering might be a good alternative to not be totally dogless but also do something useful. Oh boy, I think I am Dobie addicted.

Here they are: Belle (on the right) was a stray, is badly scarred at her back and was very emaciated when she arrived at the rescue. Last week she had a tooth surgery to get her upper carnassial tooth extracted, it was deeply fractured and she must have been in pain for a long time. I am again amazed that Dobes do so hardly show signs of pain sometimes.

Linda (on the left) is a very fearful dog, it is still somewhat impossible to touch her. The only place she feels secure is a closed kennel. She was very underweight when she came to our place, but so far we managed to add quite some pounds. The good thing is that she is curious and wants to get in contact. That makes her live busy, she constantly comes closer but then has to run away immediately, her fear is still stronger. Since a couple of days she started a funny excited barking and jumping up and down instead of running away. So we try to keep her close with treats and whatever, which ends up in a funny concert.

They both did not know what a house is, or a leash or whatever. Since my last dog was an indoor dog I never had an outdoor kennel. But it was clear that the two still and foremost needed a secure place, so the rescue borrowed me a kennel for them. They are still outside, but I am working to earn their trust and get them into the house permanently. So far I managed to get them both inside for shorter periods. The kitchen helps enormously ;-) Belle is almost ready, she discovered the ready installed crate in the living room and loves it. Linda still needs time, but she is making progress every day. I so much hope I get it done before it gets seriously cold.

So far the introduction, I will surely post questions regarding this lovely challenge. BTW I am very proud that I managed this second with both dogs so bravely close to my photo...


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Bless you Violet, for taking 2 lovely need.

When your love takes on accepting trust...the foster dogs will be amazing.
- in giving out treats, I would do it sitting low to the floor and talk in a soft/exciting voice.
(while standing can increase tension...with your eye level high & intimidating)
Maybe your already doing this...just wanted to share my thoughts.

Keep us updated on the progress...very interesting watch / best of luck, in a speedy transformation.

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They both look like complete loves. Thanks for fostering them. I'm excited to hear about their continued progress.

Really pretty girls with such soulful eyes.
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Bless you for taking on these two girls!

Dobermans who don't know what a house is.... I can't even fathom! :sadcry:

One thing I remember from a lady who did a lot of trying to tame feral kittens was to sit on the floor in their general area (not too close) and read a book. It was a low-key, quiet and non-threatening way to get them used to her presense. Don't know if it would help but if you haven't tried, it might be worth a shot?
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