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Hi everyone! Long time, no chat! Life has been crazy and I hope all is well with everyone here!

I had to jump on and introduce our new baby, Moxie (Smack-Dab's Disorderly Conduct). She is coming up on 15 weeks old and we've had her for just over 3 weeks. She's been such a fun little gal. Super smart and busy, busy, busy. Plus she's an absolute doll, especially when she's not trying to eat our shoes!
Newton is doing well with his new little sister. He likes wrestling with her, but could do without having to share toys. He's been an only child for too long!
I look forward to nose work with her of course and maybe trying agility again.

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Congrats on getting Moxie! What a perfect registered name for a Doberman "Disorderly Conduct"! 😁
There's a little body language going on the 2nd pic, as if Newton is saying "Really... do I have to really pose with her?"
Remember, now you have to purchase all dog toys in pairs, better yet sets of three...

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I'm so thrilled for you!

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Ohh!! she is so cute.
I have also one like this (cutie), and she is very adorable. I have had severe anxiety for the past 2 years, So I wanted a pet for my illness. I applied with My ESA Therapist and get an ESA letter from them. After that, I adopted my cutie. She is very loving and always wants to play with me. Now I am very happy because she is an emotional support for me.
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