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dobesanddragons said:
Oh, Toro has drives. =) Didn't you say he loves to chase things and pulls on lead, making it hard to walk him? You can still do the test and answer the questions with his natural instincts. It is just a fun test.

You can test out drives and see drives from the time they are small puppies, I know of at least one test that is out there to assess a litter. It is interesting seeing all the different drives, personalities, and other things in a litter of Dobes.

I know my male's drive as a puppy were much different from my female's. He would chase ANYTHING that moved, she has lots of drive, but doesn't feel the need to chase cars (thankfully). I have modified my male's high prey drive with lots of training. But that doesn't mean it isn't still there. Just like I don't let them jump up on the counter and they never try it anymore, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't if given the chance. I know they would and have trained them not to.

The test might not tell you everything and be totally accurate, and yes, sometimes they do change as they get to be adults and have more experience with the world, but some drives can been seen from a young age pretty consistently.
Yeah, I agree he has drives, no doubt! I just meant that they seem to be getting stronger as he grows! He is finding his "voice", so to speak.

Here are his results. However, some questions could only be answered with speculation, such as "fighting with other dogs". I can only base on the fact that he "plays very aggressively", to the point where friends with other dogs have asked me to restrain him.

Toro's drives --- Prey = 55
Pack = 80
Defense - Fight = 55
Defense - Flight = 15
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