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Innova Evo

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Has anyone started their Dobes on this high-protein food at 7-8 months old? I am getting conflicting info from local sources...
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Mine eat it intermittantly. (Just started recently) From the information I have gotten, I would wait until at least a year old.
I feed Evo, but did not start it till Louise was about 1 1/2 years old. I would not feed it to a growing Doberman at all, and would wait more than a year to start it.
velmadobe said:
I would not feed it to a growing Doberman at all, and would wait more than a year to start it.
That's the way I feel as well. I've fed it in the past, and consider it excellent food for MATURE dogs.
I've heard to NOT feed it until 18 to 24 months of age, because it has too much protein for a growing pup. You don't want them to grow too fast. Also my vet said too much protein in the diet for a puppy can also result in bloody stools because it can cause stomach and intestine irritation. He said he's seen it several times, and he'll run test for parasites and other things to make sure that's not the problem. If the tests come back negative then he'll ask what the pup is eating, and most of the time it's a diet high in protein. This happened to our rat terrier. We were feeding her Eukanuba when we first got her and she had blood in her stool. So he ran tests to make sure it wasn't a parasite or anything else, and he said Eukanuba had a high protein content, so we changed her to Canidae.
The manufacturers of Evo have repeatedly told people who asked about feeding it to puppies that it should be used on adult dogs only and that they are working on an appropriate formula for puppies.

For most Dobes that would mean that they shouldn't be fed Evo until they are over at least 18 months.
On a side note Natural Go (Petcurean) also has a grain free kibble that is very high quality.
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