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This is an URGENT and time sensitive plea to Doberman lovers and supporters of Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue....we were emailed today about a Doberman at the Yuma Humane Society:

"Bogart, big red male doberman, stray, possibly hit by a car, has a head tilt to one side and partial facial paralysis's. Our vet checked him out and said to try and get him to a rescue that can do a x-ray of the head and neck. He is super friendly, one big big boy.

We think he is about 2 yrs of age, has really nice clean teeth, an apparent hip injury and has a small puncture in right rear thigh.

Any chance we can bring him also on Thursday? Hate to ask, but he'll be PTS if he doesn't go to rescue."

DHDR really really really wants to help this poor dog. Even with obvious injury, discomfort and even pain, he is friendly, alert and wants attention. THIS is why we are in rescue.

Because of the medical needs already dealt out in 2012 (Lex's bloat surgery, Ledo's toe issue, Frankie's eye growth) we do not have a medical fund base worthy of assisting Dobermans in need.

I (as Executive Director of DHDR) have until end of day Wednesday to let YHS know if we can take him and at least pay for exams, xrays and other diagnostic tests to determine the extent of injury/illness.

If there ever was a time to help Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue, that time is NOW!!! This young, handsome boy, Bogart, deserves a long life as a pampered, loved Dober-gent.

Donations can be made via PayPal at our website Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue | Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue | Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue or if you want to give cash or check please email [email protected] so we can count your pledge.

Thank you!!!!!!

- Kyndall Holstead (Executive Director of Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue)


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