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Ingrown hairs!!

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Last year Chase had a horrible skin issue during the cold seasons, and i thought i cleared it up. Well its that time of year again and im now seeing a pattern. Chase has worn a coat over the past week and he now has ingrown hairs in the areas the coat covers. Its not to the point of infection (last year was terrible), so i use a sterile needle to take the hair out.

Now, my question is, should he try and go coatless this winter? To me, thats borderline animal cruelty. In Canada temps can reach -40C and last year Chase was bundled up with three coats. I cant keep him inside, he will go insane, he needs at least 2 hours of outdoor exercise daily.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there a coat out there that can minimize this?

NOTE: He has been to the vets countless times last year for this, the vet suggested no coat.
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I'd wonder about an allergy to something in the coat. A friend of mine (and was/is here on DT) just found out his dobe has a cotton allergy. I mean...he was full-blown hives for almost a year while they figured it out (he was too young for reliable skin testing until just recently). There were other allergens too, but cotton surprised both of us.
I'd try a different fabric for the liner and possibly the fill.

I really like our coats that are made by a horse blanket company. Super warm and the fit is adjustable.
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