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Hey all! Just a quick I've mentioned, I'm wanting to get into showing, so I'm a newbie to the rules.... For rally and OB or agility, can you show a altered dog?? Obviously I know with confirmation they need to be unaltered. I checked the akc site, and didn't see any answer to it, sure it's on there though, and I'm not looking in the right place. I know a few of you guys show, and know WAY more about it than me!

Possible to show a unregistered dobe? I know that points won't mean anything because they have no name to follow, but just to show? Or would I just attend non akc sanctioned shows? Just getting an idea of what I can do with a rescue, as I'm getting pschyed about it! A little tooooo pschyed actually! I really want to hold out for the new house in the spring!! Love to train and have something to do with my dogs. Been heavy into horse showing all my life, dog showing is new to me. Hubby is actually looking into doing it with me if he got a dobe too. (but we all know a new dog would be mine! :) )

Thanks :) in advance!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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