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And man are they C U T E!!!!! They are walking (kinda), biting, wrestling, barking, growling, and biting each other. I could spend hours just watching them and probably do! :)

The whole gang...

Look at us move!

Whatcha doin' Grandma?

I can growl at you!

And Bark!

You want a piece of this?

That's a big grip!

I will bite your leg!

Who should we get next?

Really? T- ing off??

Hey, look over there...

Fooled ya!

Yes, I am snarling at you, back off bro!

We bad!

Aw Mom, I don't wanna bath!

Am I cute, or what??

Night, night DT....

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I can't believe 2 weeks old puppy may growl. What a boy!
Is that a boy?
Well, they are Jewell x Cowboy babies, would you expect any less? :) That is the yellow girl, Spice Jr.
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