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My dad called me tonight and told me that he lost his Mini Dachshund Yesterday.

We got her from a close family friend who is a vet, and a breeder when I was about 5 years old. Since they got her for me for Christmas we named her Holly. She quickly became my dad's dog, and when my parents separated about 12 years ago, the only thing my dad specifically asked for was Holly.

She lived a very long life, (20 years this Christmas) My dad was comforted in knowing that he always gave her the best care that he possibly could. (She apparently outlived every dog in her litter.) I am very sad to lose her, but I am more sad for my dad, because she was his companion for these last 12 years, while me and my sister grew up and were busy with friends and school and life.

She will be missed, but she is in a better place now.​

RIP Holly Girl. We love you.
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