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Illinois Doberman Rescue-Link to Available Dobes

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I always like to look and stay updated with the available Dobes here in if anyone in Illinois is looking for a Dobe check out the rescue :)
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Just the other day I was at this site and sent Billy's information to my folks... :) They have been back and forth about adopting a new dog for awhile now... I LOVE his face and would probably be looking into him myself if we weren't overseas...
I know...I live right around where they are located so Im always thinking it is an option. I always like so many...I wish I could take em all!
Her name is Sangria
Too FUNNY!!!
Those ears are funnier then my Choppers!!!:)


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I got my Simon from the IL dobe rescue...they were WONDERFUL in helping me pick a dog that would work with a rabbit (well, the rabbit and the dog are seperated, and I think I am getting rid of the rabbit for other reasons..) also were wonderful with his TPLO surgery. I check the site every day, though simon is NOT going to get a friend, but we can dream, right? Just wanted to say how great they were!!
I was just on their site looking at the available dobes...and even though he is not up for adoption yet...I just thought id share this dobes case...the poor baby has a full blown case of mange and it just looks so awful and uncomfortable for the dog although it looks a little better...I hope he stays strong and gets healthy along with a great home once he is better


It is hard to believe this little girl is still wagging her tail, but she is! What a little trooper. Xena lost her home in the Katrina disaster and was dropped at a shelter. We are not sure what condition she looked like going in but a few months of sitting in a shelter caused her case of mange to go full blown. Stress will bring it out and I am sure this little sweetie has had a lot of that. She is in the best possible hands now, has been to the vet and is getting everything the vet has prescribed and lots of TLC. She is obviously not up for adoption yet and we will keep everyone posted on her improvements. Keep her in your thoughts. Click here for photos
2-15-06 Illinois Doberman Rescue would like to thank everyone who donated money to go towards Xena's medical bills. Xena is doing very well and responding to treatment. Her infections are all cleared up and her Demodectic Mange is responding to treatment also. Her hair is starting to grow back and her skin is looking a lot less like a dinosaur. We are hoping she will be ready to adopt within the next 6 weeks. Xena is great with adults and children as well as other dogs. She seems to have had some experience raising puppies and has adopted a litter of Doberman - Boxer pups as her own.
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