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We took Skyler to Petsmart a couple days ago. This guy walked up to us and asked about her. She was very nice to him, which she's always nice to people. Anyway, he said that he had a dobe before that was also sweet. Then, he says that we were lucky to get a red dobe, because the black dobes skulls are too small for their brains, and they become aggressive. I was ticked off that for one that is just a stupid myth, and another thing he had a doberman before! I was so mad I couldn't even think to say anything! Plus, he was getting ready to leave. I told my husband that makes me so mad that stupid people believe that. Before his dumb comment, he said that the red ones skulls are more like rottweiler's skulls! I looked at him like he was ignorant, and he goes yeah it's true. I said that the color of their hair has nothing to do with their skulls. Then he told me the dumb thing about their brains. I can't believe that people actually believe that crap!
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Well I heard that you'd be better off with a blue, because they're really dobes crossed with weims! What were you thinking getting a red dobe with a rottie head!? ;)
That one bothers me a lot. Hopefully that question will fade out soon. Ugh, big out-of-proportion dobes with health problems are NOT a fad I'd like to see continued.
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