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I wonder

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:peace: So lately I have been looking at some breeders in the US for a potential show prospect. I have contacted a few of the bigger names to see what they had planned, if they would be willing to have a show prospect go to Canada, what terms they had for puppy owners, and a multitude of other questions.

I got back some very standard answers which typically fit into what we so often discuss here on DT, which is good. However, there were a couple that truly surprised me in the area of pricing and the failure to mention anything about a contract. The price of the puppies was $3500.00USD, which to me seems to be way out there :confused2 . Along with the failure to mention anything about a contract or conditions of buying a puppy kind of leads me to wonder if they are: *just selling a puppy for a big price tag with little to no consideration of it truly being a show propect; *they have no interest in the puppies future in regard to breeding or resale etc.. *there may be a capitalization of people's naivety and potential tunnel vision to have a puppy from a 'big name' breeder.

Either way, it makes me wonder what is going on there? Do these folks truly care about providing potential owners and puppies with the best fit and therefore the best chance of have a happy and successful future? Or are some individuals perhaps a little too tired and maybe even jaded about the whole breeding - puppy person thing to really care?:peace:
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But you also could be jumping to conclusions that there is no contract-could be they don't get into that until later in the process, once you pass their screening and are approved for a puppy.
I agree and that was my first thought. I know for me personally, the initial contact is a standard letter giving information about health, pedigree, sire/dam, my expectations of the litter, and asking what their expectations are, and a questionnaire for me to learn more about them. Basically, I am trying to put my feelers out and it also allows the person to decide if this is something they are interested in. If it all sounds good then discussion about contracts and other stuff begins….
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Yes! That is completely reasonable to what I believe one would expect. That's why I was so suprised to receive replies like 'girl A is being bred to boy B, price for show prospect is $3500 USD, send your deposit of $XXX to....'
If they are telling where to send your money with no other questions or discussion, I would be concerned too..

I think it was already discussed, but "big name" does not always equal reputable and can sometimes be the opposite!! But I am sure you already know this.

Good luck with your puppy search!
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