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Alrighty, in my defense, I didn't know we would be going to the beach that day. I had the dogs outside with me while I was cleaning out the van. I finished right as it was time to go pick the kiddo up from school, so I just let the dogs ride with me. While we were driving home from the school, we just happened to decide to go to the beach.
On the other hand, you knew you were going to training. Reguardless if you had Tia with you or not, surely you must have anticipated being around many other dogs and the need for a camera.
I ask you, who has committed the real camera crime here???
I think a valuable lesson has been learned; none of us ever should leave our houses, nay, none of us ever should be without camera in hand whether in or out of the house!
Maybe OkieDobie could make us all really nice neck straps for our camera's that match the pretty new collars she'll be making for all our dogs :)

Sending good thoughts you way on this one. I hope Mrs. B will warm to the idea. Let's face it, you're surrounded by women and need (another boy around :)
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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