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Last week, Mark and I had the biggest fight. I was feeling kind of punk and went upstairs to take a bath before I did the dinner dishes and put the left overs away. I asked him to just make sure Chi didn't get on the counter. It's not as if I asked him to clean the kitchen or anything, just keep the dog off the counter, he could have shut the stupid kitchen door(Yes, I realize as I write this that I could have just shut the stupid kitchen door too). At any rate, I came down from my bath feeling much better. While in the tub, Chi brought me 3 shoes and 1 remote (a dog that can open a door is dangerous!).
I went in to the kitchen to clean up and noticed that a brand new, large tub of butter was all but gone. Who was the culprit? Since I truly doubt that Jordan ate the butter and Petri can't get on the counter and the butter eaten weighed more than the cat (okay, maybe not more than but it was a lot of butter and the tongue prints left were most certainly not left by a cat :) , we can only assume that it was Chi.
I got so mad. Mark's response was typical male in that he said "Tracy, we can go buy more butter!" I still don't think he understands that my anger wasn't about the butter, it was that I asked him to do one small little thing and he didn't. He argued that it couldn't have been Chi, she had been asleep beside him the couch the whole time. Of course, I blew that argument out of the water when I produced the 3 shoes and remote that she had delivered while she was "sound asleep on the sofa".
So, no, you're not the only one with a butter eating dog. But I think I'm the only one with a husband crazy enough to think I'd believe that Chi was asleep on the sofa the whole time and the butter just mysteriously dissappeared :)
On a side note, I was prepared for explosive poo's but she didn't suffer any ill effects.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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