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Riagogogo said:
I get those BIG MEAN KITTIES/DIRTY ROTTEN KITTIES at Petsmart. They are a canvas type material and they have a good squeaky in them. Rudi isn't a very destructive dog I don't know how these would hold up with a heathen! LOL Rudi looks like a Doberman but, surely doesn't act like one!!!! I finally taught him how to bark.
He's my little pansy....and I love him!!
We've bought these in the past...the material seems to hold up a little longer than your average stuffed toy but it still doesn't take Abby very long to de-stuff them!

Abby makes it a mission to destroy every toy we give her as quick as possible. If she could, she'd keep detailed statistics on the time and effort required to destroy each toy - whenever she gets a new one she would try and break her old record!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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