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"I've never seen a picture of Shebah or any of the earlier white (or white factored) dogs, but I can and do believe the overall quality of the dogs has got to have improved. "

I've seen better than a picture of those dogs, I've seen film. In 1980 at a chapter club meeting I saw film of several of the early albinos in a pen, that was the night I first learned of their existence. From then until around 1993 I never saw any photos of them or thought much about them until I got on the internet and saw how they had spread. I said at that time to people, and I still think it today, that if anything, the albino Dobermans today have *worse* structure than those I saw in 1980 did. One breeder I mentioned that to said it made sense that they would, since they had been inbred on their structural faults for over a decade.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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