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I do own a white female Doberman and she is a great dog. Would I own her if she was mean, unhealthy, sunburned when outside, ran into things or had any of the other aliments that sooo many white Dobermans are suppose to have? NO. I wouldnt I dont care HOW pretty or "rare" she is...I wouldnt own a unhealthy dog and as far as Im concerned NO other mental SANE person would either. You would fork out more in medical expenses then you would every "make" from selling the dogs. And BTW I know people with altered whites so they arent making ANY money off of them.

Ive said it again and again and again, the test that were done 30 years ago on the two "albino" dogs that they got from the Padula's just can NOT hold any water to the dogs we have now. Those dogs weren't socialized, they weren't kept in proper conditions and the resulting 12 BLACK AND TAN puppies really could not give them ANY information on the "white" doberman. They obviously didnt breed to white factored studs. I've never seen a picture of Shebah or any of the earlier white (or white factored) dogs, but I can and do believe the overall quality of the dogs has got to have improved.

In my opinion there needs to be more indepth studies did to disprove or prove one side of this arguement wrong. AND when the studies are done both sides need to be informed of the results. Once the results say one way or the other THEN the DPCA can make a decision on what should be done.

There are several breeds that have the merle gene in the standard and it is widely known this gene can and does result in birth defects from blindness, deafness, etc. but these breed clubs KNOW the risks yet they can breed these colors and still maintain show quality dogs. Single and double dapple Dachshunds, merles in Aussies, Collies, Shetlands, Chihuahuas, etc. I dont understand why the DPCA hasnt thought about this instead of totally banishing this color.

So Im getting off my soapbox now. This isnt anything Ive not said before.

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