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As of the White Doberman they are here and to stay. Get over it. You know there are albino's in ever liveing creature , Even the human. I guess we better put them all down. Get real and live with what is in front of your eyes. All and I mean All Dobermans are great.

I do have to interject at this point..... To the best of my knowledge, unless I missed a post, no one has "put down" whites. More than once I have read (and also posted to the same) that we love all dobes, they did not ask to be created to what they are, they just are. What the issue is is that many of us do not agree that they should be breed as an OVERWHELMING number of whites suffer with health problems. Yes, many other dobes and dogs suffer heath problems also, however the chances of the whites being afflicted are greater and that is a proven statistic. Many are healthy I'm sure, just to be fair. But the chances of a black, or red, or etc being afflicted with the eye issues, skin and cancer issues and temperment issues are lower.

There is a debate going on about studies to be presented that seems to go beyond this board, I think that if someone or anyone has these studies the best thing to do would be to present them and end the debate. Or drop it all around, either way it will make all the dobe owners here for their dogs more comfortable.

I do believe there is just a little trolling going on here and I think the best thing to do is to drop this whole issue, if everyone is here just for the pure fact of loving their dobes, life will go on happily, if there are those that aren't here just for the dogs they will eventually move on as they are motivated by creating drama and argueing.

I feel the need to say if you all think I'm a horse's behind, sorry, just my thoughts on this.....
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