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I am scared that Princi is sick....

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For some reason Princi is acting weird tonight. She is very restless and her breathing doesn't seem right.:sadcry:

I hope this passes with the night. She had her usual dinner and I also gave her a few lamb chops (she loves them and has been getting them for quite a while now). She just seems very uneasy and restless, she would have been sleeping on the bed with me by now but she can't seem to get comfortable???? Oh, I hope and pray its not bloat!!!!!

What other signs should I be looking for if it is bloat? And is there anything I can do this late at night (almost 1am here).

Please help.

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Mr. Desi, if you suspect bloat, THIS IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. If your vet doesn't do after-hour emergencies, be prepared to call and drive to an emergency 24-hour vet tonight. Trust your gut.

Typical symptoms often include some (but not necessarily all) of the following, according to the links below. Unfortunately, from the onset of the first symptoms you have very little time (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours) to get immediate medical attention for your dog. Know your dog and know when it's not acting right.

Attempts to vomit (usually unsuccessful); may occur every 5-30 minutes This seems to be one of the most common symptoms & has been referred to as the "hallmark symptom"
"Unsuccessful vomiting" means either nothing comes up or possibly just foam and/or mucous comes up.

Doesn't act like usual self Perhaps the earliest warning sign and may be the only sign that almost always occurs
We've had several reports that dogs who bloated asked to go outside in the middle of the night. If this is combined with frequent attempts to vomit, bloat is a very real possibility.

Significant anxiety and restlessness
One of the earliest warning signs and seems fairly typical
"Hunched up" or "roached up" appearance
This seems to occur fairly frequently
Lack of normal gurgling and digestive sounds in the tummy Many dog owners report this after putting their ear to their dog's tummy.
If your dog shows any bloat symptoms, you may want to try this immediately.

Bloated abdomen that may feel tight (like a drum)
Despite the term "bloat," many times this symptom never occurs or is not apparent
Pale or off-color gums
Dark red in early stages, white or blue in later stages

Unproductive gagging
Heavy salivating or drooling
Foamy mucous around the lips, or vomiting foamy mucous
Unproductive attempts to defecate
Licking the air
Seeking a hiding place
Looking at their side or other evidence of abdominal pain or discomfort
May refuse to lie down or even sit down
May stand spread-legged
May attempt to eat small stones and twigs
Drinking excessively
Heavy or rapid panting
Shallow breathing
Cold mouth membranes
Apparent weakness; unable to stand or has a spread-legged stance
Especially in advanced stage
Accelerated heartbeat
Heart rate increases as bloating progresses
Weak pulse
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Please keep us informed about Princi we will be worried untill you do I sure hope that he will be fine but would not hurt to take him to ER VET just to make sure Bloat is nothing to wait on you have such a short time in which to act.
Patches Mom
Sooz--I just spoke to someone at the emergency clinic. I told her that Princi was being restless and would not sit or lie down and her breathing didn't seem right. She asked if Princi was trying to throw up and if her mouth was foaming or if she presented signs of pain, I said no. She said it could be something she ate, so I said I would call her back.

Now just a few minutes ago Princi drank some water and threw up all of her dinner. She seems to have calmed down a bit, but I am still scared. If she tries to throw up again I am taking her to the vet.

I know its late and everyone at least in the east coast is sleeping so thank you so much for replying, I am very worried for her.


Update: She is very relaxed now and is falling asleep. Is this is a good sign?
Sounds good, Mr. Desi....whatever she ate just didn't sit right in her stomach. When she vomited it all up, that was a very good thing. Glad she's doing better and is comfortable now. Now that's the BEST sign. Whew! Good for you and Princi! Keep an eye on her and let us know how she is in the AM, ok?
PS Mr. Desi, I think if you call back the emergency vet as you promised and tell them she is resting/sleeping comfortably now they will put your mind at ease re bloat. Sounds like she had too much to eat.
Thanks again. I appreciate the support!!

Now I can't fall asleep because she scared me to death. I will keep you all updated.

Have a wonderful night.

Good night, Mr. Desi. Hope Princi is back to her old self in the AM!
I hope everything is fine with her and the rest of the night is uneventful for you. Let us know how it turns out.
Wow, I am glad she is okay. I thought Rommel was bloating once and rushed him to the vet, he wasnt, but it was during normal office hours and I wasnt going to risk it.

Bloat scares me, we had a dog at our Schutzhund Club die from it last year. It just happens so fast. When Rom is put under for his neuter, I may have them tack his stomach.
Hello everyone, everything is back to normal as of this morning. She gave me quite a scare last night, I am so glad my baby is doing better. I will be taking her to the vet just to have her checked out. Even though she has had past events of feeling "sick", this was by far the worst.

I will be sleeping throughout the day today to catch up on some sleep.....

Thanks again.

Do you feed her ration in small meals or once a day?
Patches Mom
Patches Mom--I feed her twice a day, but now I am starting to think maybe 3 or 4 smaller meals will be better and safer for her. What do you think?

Now that Princess of Naveenland is feeling better, and so am I, here is another recent pic of her. I had to "fix" her eyes because otherwise they would have blinded all...

Sorry for the large size.

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VERY thankful she is okay now! :)Dogs can for sure scare us all the time! :(
Way to go, Princi! Glad you're feeling better today! And good for you Mr. Desi for being vigilant and recognizing a potentially serious problem.
Good to hear she is O.K. Naveen.
Thanks everyone.:thanx:

wow Naveen...I hope she is doing much better now..I am a little late posting. Keep us updated.
mariposa--Thanks, she is doing fine now. Back to being normal (in her case, that's being crazy).

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