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I've never had a puppy wake me up in the middle of the night after the first couple of nights home. Granted, I didn't sleep my usual 9 hours or so, and instead got up after about 7 hours of sleep. But still. I made sure they didn't have water an hour or so before bed, they ate about 4-5 hours before bed, and I let them out and made sure they did both just before bed. If they whined in the middle of the night, I tapped on the tops of their crates and told them to be quiet, and they did. My puppies never woke me up to go outside -- they whined because they were bored or lonely, and I reassured them that all was well and to go back to sleep.

I know all puppies are different, but waking you up that many times in the night would not be acceptable for me. I think you need to change something in her routine (maybe you're feeding or letting her drink too much before bed?), and not take her out every time she makes a fuss. It's hard to say without actually being there. Maybe she really does need out. But we've raised a lot of puppies, and none of them were bad about sleeping through the night.
1 - 1 of 84 Posts
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