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I am doomed...

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I am so mad about my puppy waking me up so early for peeing. Every day we go out many times, 9,13,17.30,22,01 but yesterday we went out except at 01 in the morning. So at 22 I put her back to her box and I tried to sleep. She woke me up at 6in the morning and I let her pee in the balkony, couldnt really move or walk outside... so after that I sent her back to the box and she kept on whining and I thought she needs to poop... I am going down with her on the street to let her have her needs... but no.. we were just walking around for 20 min :ranting2: I got so f*****g mad...... I cant enjoy sleep at all.... every f*&§$%!§""g day something goes wrong and I cant enjoy deep sleep and the rest of the day I am like a zombie grrrrr now is 6:57 I will try to sleep and she is going to wake me up at 9 for sure , this is when she is "usually" pooing.... and I get mad and don't wanna transfer this feelings to the dog, but I get so mad if something wakes me up for no reason and especially the whining of the dog ITS ANNOYING in the morning.... should I buy earplugs and let the dog swim in her box with pee and poo or get my nerv system damaged over time? or what else can I do with her needs.. she is 4 months old.... my sleep needs are at least 8 hours / day to be ok during the day. thanks for reading....
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Also my breeder told me I have to let my puppy inside the crate all the time cause her bones are soft so lot of excercise and games can cause displasia and because she is young she must sleep a lot, puppies grow up while sleeping. So every walk is 10 - 15 min maximum we can play for 10 min after the walk at home and then back to the crate.
Im pretty sure this breeder doesnt know what they are talking about. You should not leave a puppy in the crate all the time, even most of the BYB out there know that they need to be out around people, other animals and experiencing life.
NORMAL activities, such as walking, playing with toys, romping with littermates, are what all young pups do. And this should continue when a pup goes to a new home. Any breeder who tells a puppy owner to confine a puppy and deny it love, afection, exercise, playtime, and basic training for the first 6 months of its life is an ass. Sorry, but thats my opinion.

The breeder who also has the training club specialized only on dobermans, told me to socialize my dog, give her hugs and make sure she sleeps a lot.

How can you both socialize her alot and give her hugs when she is locked in a crate all the time except to eat and relieve herself?

I don't have to train my puppy cause she knows me very well eventhough I have her only since one week. She understands everything and the trainer already knows... so he told me to stop giving her commands or teach her cause mistakes will take time to correct.

This is about the worst advice I have ever heard from a trainer/breeder. First of all, EVERYONE needs to train their puppy basic obedience commands, regardless of whether or not you are sending her to boot camp or not, which in my personal opinion is a bad move unless she is a police dog, military, or SAR dog. You need to learn how to teach your dog, and she needs to learn how to listen to YOU.

Although my puppy has red pedigree (what on earth is a red pedigree??) with no genetic issues regarding displasia, he told me no to excercise her(avoid stairs, rock climbing, running, etc). Just pee & poo , 15 playtime at home and thats all for the next 7 weeks.( you are setting yourself up to have a neurotic dog, at best if all you are going to give her is 15 minutes of attention a day then lock her back in a crate. She needs to be around you at all times, Dobermans are not the kind of dog you can take out to play with when its convenient for you, they are dogs that require being around their humans all the time, they thrive on affection and attention, not being thrown in a crate and left, no wonder she whines all night.) Socializing is hard cause everyone is afraid of her on the street so people don't approach ... only the neighbors I force them to touch her lol (you force people to pet your dog? add another notch to the neurotic factor .. dogs can tell when people are uncomfortable around them, and you are stressing her by making people pet her who dont want to, she is going to pick up on it and be uncomfortable with it, and stress over that)... so I go near a supermarket I stand there for 15 minutes people are passing around and she is spectating... this is the most I can do now... oh and only dogs are approaching, big and wild ones too, she is really calm for her size and maturity.
(bold above is my comments)

If I were you I would do one of two things ... either find a new and knowledgeable trainer who knows what they are doing, and REALLY knows the breed, or just save yourself the pain of having to take your dog to a rescue later on and find her a home with someone that can give her the kind of upbringing she needs without listening to a breeder and trainer who has no clue what they are doing. Thats my opinion.
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I try to take her in contact with other people besides family members but it is hard, people are afraid of her although she is friendly they say "owh dude, thats a doberman, dont let it bite me" or they cross the street when the see the dog from far away. Thats why we stand 10 minutes in front of a store where many ppl are comming.
We walk and play at the same time for like 10-25 minutes every 4 hours. At home she is playing with anything she finds around me for at least 10min after every walk, don't worry..
Red pedigree receives a dog when both mother and father are champions.
Im researching for the best breeders & trainers since june, for malinois, rotties , german shepherds and dobies. For dobermans all the vets and everyone is suggesting this guy I bought my puppy. His enclosure is top quality. Money was not the issue, only the quality. If he is not good at what he does, then the rest will destroy my puppy... :/ Btw, she is going to take BH, IPO and maybe schutzhund training. So is it relevant with anything of the types you listed before?
Ok, Im not sure where you are located at, but it sounds like wherever it is, the Doberman is a completely different dog than where I am. In the US, a doberman is a very gentle, sweet tempered, loving animal. Sure we have our share of ppl that are afraid of them but they are generally more calm than that. They are not terrified of them or worried that they are all going ot attack or bite them. My last dobe did therapy work and actually went into a hospital and visited sick people.
10 minutes of play is not really much at all. My dogs are out of the crate all day. They can relax in any part of the house they want to. Your puppy should be allowed to follow you through the house, sit on your lap when you are relaxing and be with you all the time, not stuck in a crate when you are not playing with her. Trust me, it will NOT harm her growth or development, it will HELP her mentally. Let her sleep on your lap when you are watching tv or whatever you do to relax during the day or evening. Establish a training schedule, and teach her basics, sit, down, stay and come are great commands to begin with. Give her small pieces of chicken, or buy training treats.
If you are intending to send her to a trainer that is going to abuse her to get her to learn something you are going to end up with a mentally disturbed, very scared dog who is not doing anything out of love but out of fear. A dobe will gladly do whatever you ask of her, for love, praise, a favorite toy or food treats. Not suspending them from trees or whatever, or beating them into submission. I would be very hesitant to have someone train my dog if they are going to use harsh methods to do it.

As I said I dont know where you are from but it doesnt matter in the end, it is your dog and you need to establish a bond with her NOW, and you cant do that with her in a crate 90% of the time.
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You are the first person to say that a doberman isn't a guard dog(maybe you are talking about the american doberman which is not a really good guard dog). Any dog will protect me in a case of an emergency. This is not the point..
Any Doberman is not a GUARD dog .. ALL Dobermans are protective and will defend their family.
Let me introduce you to Nexus, an American bred Doberman, and let her show you just how protective she is of me, my house, truck, and family.
If you believe that a Doberman is not going to be protective simply because of its origins, then you truly do not understand the breed.
And, no, not any dog will protect you in case of an emergency.
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Doberman is a guard dog based on Guard dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . The american dobies are not bred for working dogs and some breeders don't prefer them and avoid them for that purpose European vs American Dobermans .
Even without training my dobie is going to protect me but with training you can control dog's aggression for good.

"And, no, not any dog will protect you in case of an emergency."
Could you please provide some information to enlight us about which kind of dogs we should avoid for protection?
I would love to see a little teacup Chihuahua or a Yorkshire Terrier protect you in the event someone was robbing your house. At most they would annoy them with their yapping, but most likely they would hide under a dresser and shiver. There are several other small or toy breeds as well as alot of mutts that will never protect you in the event of an attack on you. As well, I would bet my life (sadly it probably would have cost me my life if it ever came to that) that the lab I owned would have happily brought his slobber covered ball to any thief that invaded my home and sat wagging his tail until they tossed it for him to chase. I have known and worked with several breeds of dogs enough to know which ones are protective and which are not, and again I will tell you a Doberman is NOT a guard dog, it is a protective animal that when the need arises, without one bit of training ever will gladly step between its owner and trouble and defend out of nothing more than its own love and loyalty. Yes, a Doberman can be trained to attack on command, but that is not training a guard dog, that is honing a natural instinct in a dog, and you should learn the difference, or give up on being a Doberman owner now.
As for whether or not the American bred Doberman can protect as good as the European ones, let me just say that I have one of each, and Id be willing to let you come see which one rips your leg open first for trying to hurt me.
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You're not listening. I'm not arguing any other point except that you said American line dogs aren't good protectors. That is 100 percent false. I'm not comparing the different lines, because once again, I don't care. I'm not arguing which line is better because I'm completely neutral. Again, my ONLY argument with this is that the American line dobermans are still very good protectors. My "facts" come from real life experience. You can internet search all you want.
And I can back those facts up with real life experiences of my own as well.
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Can you provide some valid information not out of your mind but from some reliable sources?
Taken from, since you are so fond of internet information:
"The Doberman Pinscher is often referred to by enthusiasts as "The Cadillac of Dogs." They've also been called "the dog with the human brain." Originally bred to be a guard dog, the Doberman Pinscher makes a protective family pet. (Sometimes, due to their somewhat erroneous reputation, the mere presence of a Doberman is sufficient deterrent to evildoers.) However, a Doberman Pinscher in a loving, stable environment is also a loving, stable dog, and an obedient and loyal companion. He is not a dog you simply chain outside to protect your property. A Doberman is a people dog and will show you unflinching devotion. He will need to be by your side. They are incredibly intelligent, perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive, all of which makes them highly trainable. However, they require you to be a firm pack leader, or they will assume the role. A Doberman will need to be obedience trained. The Doberman Pinscher is a versatile breed: family dog, agility champion, therapy dog, seeing eye dog, police dog. They are used to being active. They are fearless, outgoing, and up for anything, anytime. They need vigorous exercise every day and they need to be mentally stimulated. Dobermans do best when they have a job to do. (However, they are not fond of rain, so they will nap with you until the sun comes out.) Speaking of napping, the Doberman is a cuddler! Be prepared to be watching TV, minding your own business, and suddenly finding a Doberman in your lap. He will also try to sleep with you. A Doberman will be lovey-dovey with you on the couch, but will be reserved with strangers. They have a natural ability to evaluate a situation and determine whether or not their family is being threatened. The Doberman loves his children and will be protective of them. Dobermans are prone to behavior issues because they are so intelligent and energetic, but a Doberman who is provided with exercise, care, attention, and training should be a perfect gentleman in the home. You just need to have the time and be able to make the commitment. As with many breeds, the Doberman is not for everyone. "

"The Dobie's fierce reputation precedes him. He is feared by those who don't know him, stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious. True, he is a formidable guardian, but he is usually a gentle, watchful, and loving dog. He does not go looking for trouble, but he is fearless and will defend his family and turf if he perceives danger.

The Doberman Pinscher enjoys being part of a family. He likes to be close to those he loves and, when this love is present, he is a natural protector. He is trustworthy with his family's children, friends, and guests as long as he is treated kindly."

Would you like me to go on? I can find plenty more.
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Alright... you become really annoying now. I thought I could take you seriously but you really are not professional and you just expressing your goofy feelings about raising a puppy which is going to be a working dog and for instance with ipo,schh trainning. Are you a trainer? Are you a breeder? What's your experience around this specific subject?
Some moderator lock this thread please. Its not useful anymore.
Are you?
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