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I am doomed...

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I am so mad about my puppy waking me up so early for peeing. Every day we go out many times, 9,13,17.30,22,01 but yesterday we went out except at 01 in the morning. So at 22 I put her back to her box and I tried to sleep. She woke me up at 6in the morning and I let her pee in the balkony, couldnt really move or walk outside... so after that I sent her back to the box and she kept on whining and I thought she needs to poop... I am going down with her on the street to let her have her needs... but no.. we were just walking around for 20 min :ranting2: I got so f*****g mad...... I cant enjoy sleep at all.... every f*&§$%!§""g day something goes wrong and I cant enjoy deep sleep and the rest of the day I am like a zombie grrrrr now is 6:57 I will try to sleep and she is going to wake me up at 9 for sure , this is when she is "usually" pooing.... and I get mad and don't wanna transfer this feelings to the dog, but I get so mad if something wakes me up for no reason and especially the whining of the dog ITS ANNOYING in the morning.... should I buy earplugs and let the dog swim in her box with pee and poo or get my nerv system damaged over time? or what else can I do with her needs.. she is 4 months old.... my sleep needs are at least 8 hours / day to be ok during the day. thanks for reading....
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I used to go out and sleep for my 30 minute lunch the first few months I had my last puppy. He was AWFUL to get to sleep through the night, but better in other areas of puppyhood. It really will pass...eventually.
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So you know how it feels! LOL! In 7 weeks the trainer will take care of her. Because he is far from my house I have to leave her there so I am going to visit her twice or three times a week. He told me the dog will be a soldier without damaged personality and when I get her back she is gonna be perfekt in the house. So it is not going to last for long this wake up thing, I just don't wanna transfer stress to the dog
THIS is NOT a good idea at all :( Best training is for the OWNERS (all of us), not the puppies. And your puppy is still going to need socialization. IF puppy is stuck at trainers, puppy won't be out and about getting socialized. You won't be getting trained, etc. Honestly I'd neer send my dog to a board and train.
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You are the first person to say that a doberman isn't a guard dog(maybe you are talking about the american doberman which is not a really good guard dog). Any dog will protect me in a case of an emergency. This is not the point..
Huh interesting. If you asked my guests yetserday, they'd disagree with you when Flirt scared the crap out of them when I let her out as they were walking up the drive and they froze in their steps. This was poor timing on my fault and she was fine with them when she realized they were not intruders but guests. All American lines, show to boot.
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