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Hugging your Dobe?

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I know this may sound like a silly question, but how often do y'all hug your Dobes, if at all, and do they like it?

Toro lets out the equivalent of a little doggie "sigh" when I wrap my arms around him and give him a gentle squeeze.

I read somewhere that dogs don't really "relate" to hugs by nature, but what if they're used to it from puppyhood?
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It takes me 5 extra mins in the morning just to get down the stairs my lot have a ritual where they will pass me on the stairs circle round me then i have to sit then they take it in turns to have a hug and kiss session, even little one has started to join in unless she has an appointment with a nylabone or something.
I always hug Brunster :) We also have "give kisses". When I tell him to give me kisses, he will give me a wee lil lick on the cheek hehe. It's real cute!! :D
Luv_my_Bruno said:
I always hug Brunster :) We also have "give kisses". When I tell him to give me kisses, he will give me a wee lil lick on the cheek hehe. It's real cute!! :D
Hehe, we have a kissing session here too :) I will smooch Lex on the side of her muzzle, she just loves it, she leans into the smooches so that I give more than one! Afterwards she tucks her butt under and runs in a tight little circle and plops back down infront of me staring up at me for more. It's just adorable. My other dogs though, could care less, Harley loves hugs and puts his paws on my shoulder and pulls me towards him (I don't let Lex put her feet up, she just leans into the hugs), Scrappy will endure it, but clearly wants no part of hugging or smooching, DH had taught Scrappy to give "people kisses" at one point, she would just touch her snout to your cheek and keep her tongue to herself, but she's since forgotten that trick, and if you get your face to close, you get a washing now ;)
My Obedience trainer does alot with massaging her dogs

I do alot of touching (hugging, rubbing and ect.) with Hero I think they need that kind of stuff. I even rub her feet and she loves it (Pressure Points). Hero will put her head on my shoulder and I'll hug her.
LapDog said:
yeah duchess loves hugs too...she will put her head over my shoulder...and give me kiss...usually if i hug her in a sitting postition she will flop to the ground on her side so i can lay down and hug her lol
from what I learned in my massage class...touch is the most important and the only sense things could not live I try to pet and hug duchess alot....who knows maybe it makes them live longer :)
LOL @ a washing!

Bruno when he's feeling lazy will just do the snout to cheek for a kiss. But I love it because he kisses on demand! hehe "Give Mommy Kisses" and he does it. So sweet! He can he hyper as heck outside running and I'll tell him to sit and give kisses. So gentle too :)

My moms yorkie poo is the same. That dog will kiss on command like CRAZY lol. She's sooo smart too. She walks on her two back legs, she dances and even barks "I love you". It's cute, but my lord she's a yapper that's for sure lol. Oh and Bruno is scared of her LMAO Imagine 10lb dog, and my big "mean" Doberman who is 70lbs is scared of her LOL
Too cute! Harley's been known to be "trapped" in a room for hours b/c there is a cat staring him down in the hallway. Now he isn't a 70lb dobe, but it is still laughable as he is a 50 lb dog non the less!
It's so funny how the bigger ones are scared of the littler guys. I laughed the one time. Teika (yorkie) was moody and growling if anyone went near her or my mom. She's very protective of my mom. Anyone goes near her, Teika lets them know she doesn't like it lol. Well my mom went to pet Bruno and Teika just lunged at his leg....I was on the chair beside Bruno and he litterally JUMPED up into my lap and had that look like "WHAT THE HECK!" haha.
Ava seems to enjoy hugs from people she is close to. She often finds ways to weasel herself into my husband or my arms. :)
Lexus said:
How ya doing Molari, haven't seen you around in a bit, all good with Gkar?
He is do wonderful. Thanks for asking. Things have been real busy at the office and at the house. It will be a lot queiter in a week or two I think.
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