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Hugging your Dobe?

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I know this may sound like a silly question, but how often do y'all hug your Dobes, if at all, and do they like it?

Toro lets out the equivalent of a little doggie "sigh" when I wrap my arms around him and give him a gentle squeeze.

I read somewhere that dogs don't really "relate" to hugs by nature, but what if they're used to it from puppyhood?
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Depends on Java's mood. She is more of a snuggler than a hugger. Maintains a bit of distance between bodies if someone kneels in front and hugs her. But if she's on my lap (or rather, the front end of her is), she will allow me to wrap my arms around her below the collar and will lean into the hug.

When my husband comes home, she does her famous 'docking manoeuver' - the muzzle goes right between his legs just above knee level, and he rubs her shoulders. The snorting she makes is a riot, nub wagging all the while. (Does anyone else's Dobe do this??)

But one thing's for sure - Java has to always be w/in sight of, or even better, touch of one of us. If I'm at the sink, she will lay on the floor and Doberlean into the back of my legs. If I'm driving, she'll skooch as far forward as the harness will allow, put her head on the arm rest and nuzzle her nose into my ribcage. If she had her way, she'd be on my lap in the Explorer!
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