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Hugging your Dobe?

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I know this may sound like a silly question, but how often do y'all hug your Dobes, if at all, and do they like it?

Toro lets out the equivalent of a little doggie "sigh" when I wrap my arms around him and give him a gentle squeeze.

I read somewhere that dogs don't really "relate" to hugs by nature, but what if they're used to it from puppyhood?
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I always hug Brunster :) We also have "give kisses". When I tell him to give me kisses, he will give me a wee lil lick on the cheek hehe. It's real cute!! :D
LOL @ a washing!

Bruno when he's feeling lazy will just do the snout to cheek for a kiss. But I love it because he kisses on demand! hehe "Give Mommy Kisses" and he does it. So sweet! He can he hyper as heck outside running and I'll tell him to sit and give kisses. So gentle too :)

My moms yorkie poo is the same. That dog will kiss on command like CRAZY lol. She's sooo smart too. She walks on her two back legs, she dances and even barks "I love you". It's cute, but my lord she's a yapper that's for sure lol. Oh and Bruno is scared of her LMAO Imagine 10lb dog, and my big "mean" Doberman who is 70lbs is scared of her LOL
It's so funny how the bigger ones are scared of the littler guys. I laughed the one time. Teika (yorkie) was moody and growling if anyone went near her or my mom. She's very protective of my mom. Anyone goes near her, Teika lets them know she doesn't like it lol. Well my mom went to pet Bruno and Teika just lunged at his leg....I was on the chair beside Bruno and he litterally JUMPED up into my lap and had that look like "WHAT THE HECK!" haha.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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