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I agree with the comment about the financial side of things. I work part time and am studying for a masters degree. My husband is a police dog handler. We have 2 dogs and 3 kids under 4 and it is hard but we cope. We were going to get a dobe in about 12 months time when the baby was nearly 1, but we found ourselves getting little Wez. Things are fitting into place but bringing up 2 young dogs is hard.
As far as training goes, I work as a dog trainer and like other members have said it is an ongoing thing. A few of my clients think that they can do one 30 min session a week and their dog is going to obey their every command. I have been training Wez for 2 weeks now and he will sit, lie down and stay to a point. It is very hard to give two dogs the attention that they need, I'm lucky because my lab is great with the kids so he gets alot of attention from them as well as us.
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