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How much can you sleep with a Doberman pup?

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Bringing home my puppy Brandy in a couple months, I heard that you have to let them out to pee every like two hours? So does that mean at night you have to set your alarm for every two hours, let her out to pee outside, then let her back in? Then repeat? You must do it that often? I am fully prepared to deal with whatever she needs! :)
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My experience is when they're actually in bed with me......I find that I don't need an alarm clock--the pup wakes me up by starting to move around and I have time to get him outside before disaster strikes. And then it seems they sleep through the night earlier because they're nice and snuggly and warm--they don't wake up and realize that they need to pee (and they're lonely) if they're already cuddled up with you. Sometimes they sleep through the night almost from the day they come home.

But they don't stay little and snuggly forever--they soon develop bony elbows and pushy feet. I guess it's a trade-off.
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Like melrod, I put my puppies in bed with me. Some people say not to do it, but it has always served me well. Usually they will sleep through the night, but if they get up and start moving around I take them outside, right away. The first night that Ezri was home with us, I had to take her out once in the middle of the night. Now that she is gigantic, we try to get her to sleep on her bed, at night. She will still jump up on the bed and bug us, if she has to go out, though. which I am guessing she learned by sleeping with us.

Personally I think it helps the puppy adjust better by sleeping next to you when they first come home. Its already scary enough, I hate the idea of putting them in a kennel all alone. I know there are people who disagree with this, but it has never let me down. I have never had an issue with puppy accidents and they usually sleep all night, this way, too.
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I think it depends on the pup was in a crate at night. During the day he had to be let out every 2 hours...but at night, he slept through the night w/o one issue, or ever waking up to go pee. I think i might have been lucky though.
I've found that my pups often sleep up to 6 hours without a problem. I keep them crated when young, they will let you know when they need out, generally dobes are clean and don't like to soil in their own area.
I brought my puppy home at 13 weeks and he was crated from day one. At that point I'd "put him to bed" around 9pm. I'd take him out once right before I went to sleep, usually around midnight, and then I'd set an alarm to take him out at 3:30 or 4. Now, he was my first puppy and after a week and a half we stopped waking up in the middle of the night to take him out. I think he only needed it for the first couple nights and, if I remember right, he'd make enough noise to wake me up if he needed to go out before the alarm wen toff.
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Had two 8 week old puppies, in the last 35 years.
During the day, when I worked...they stayed in a crate for 4 hours max. / I always came home on my lunch hour.

When someone was home...puppies had free reign in the house / they soon learned to hate the crate.
- pup #1 was taken outside every 2 hours
- pup #2 needed taken outside every 1 hour / our Amy, just had a weaker bladder, I guess

Puppy #2:
Sleeping in bed at night - the alarm clock was preset for Dad to take the pup out at 3:30 or 4:00am.
- only did this nightly, for the first month or a precaution...always wanted to avoid an accident or bad habit, at all cost

During the first 3 weeks with new puppy...only infrequent pee accidents, in the house / never in the masters bed.
Both puppies at 11 weeks old were totally house trained.
- they quickly learned to whine to get outside...never wanted to ring the bell (hanging from the door handle)
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We got Oliver at 4 months and he was not housebroken. In fact he wasn't trained in anything. We got up about every hour the 1st and 2nd night and then only once a night. After about a month he was sleeping all night. He goes out about 7:30 PM and we get up between 4 and 5 AM. He has a dog door, but he will get me up at night, he wants someone to go with him.
Congrats on your new puppy! :) With Rupert, I slept downstairs on the sofa with him for the first 2 weeks or so. I took him out at about 10pm at night, then he would wake up at about 5am to go out to the toilet, then we'd go back to sleep until about 7.

During the day I would take him out every 2 hours just so be safe, I think it makes it easier for house training because you can pre-empt it, and if you keep saying 'Toilet....toilet' and then 'good boy!' when he goes, he learns what you want him to do when you say 'Toilet'.
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Most of my puppies have come to me at 8 to 12 weeks. None of my dogs sleep on my bed or are allowed on furniture (just my choice) so the puppy goes into a crate beside my bed and since I'm a light sleeper I hear them if they start stirring around. I always wait to see if the puppy will put itself back to sleep or if they need to go out.

In years of raising puppies the same way all of them, without exception have gone through 6 to 8 hours at night from the first night with no problems. I take puppies out at around 10:00 or 11:00 pm but I get up at 5:30 and they are the first to go out so I am not getting up at night with puppies. All bets are off for a sick puppy--they go out when they need to go out and if that's a zillion times a night so be it.

During the day 8-12 week old puppies tend to need to go out FREQUENTLY--sometimes once an hour--certainly after eating, a nap, play time but nights work out differently.
both my pups slept on their own bed next to mine and both slept through the night from day one. We stopped giving them water at about 8 pm, took them out to potty before bed at 11 and first thing in the morning, about 6 am. We had no issues with pottying through the night, and if one did wake up through the night i would hear them and take them out.
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Wow thanks guys!!! You are soo helpful!! :D
Oh and p.s. is it okay if we have her in the family room (it is the t.v. room downstairs and it is the room right beside my bedroom) in her crate, and I could have like a little baby moniter or something to hear when she has to go? Cause I'm not sure if she will be allowed to sleep in my room.
As others have said, I also used a crate the first night and Veda has always been in the crate at night (from 11pm-6am). She has never gone to the bathroom in her crate. When she was very young, I would immediately, as in pick her up out of the crate while saying 'outside' and rush outside. The first two nights were pretty rough, due to her whining, but I never gave in to the temptation to go to her. I would grit my teeth and within 10-15 minutes she would stop. She has been amazing ever since then about going to her crate when she is tired.

During the day, at first, she was outside every 1/2 hr to hr when we were home. Otherwise she was in her crate. I can't say enough about establishing the crate for her as her home. In my opinion, letting your dog sleep in your bed, especially if you have a significant other or are married, would be detrimental to...uhh, you know :)
My pup Amber is Veda's sister, and she also has slept in her crate in our bedroom since we took her home at 8 weeks. Of course she is now in a much bigger crate! She has always let us know if she needed to go out by sounding a very low whine. We would get up, take her out, then right back to her crate. Other than the first couple of nights, she never whines unless she has to go. At 20 weeks she now sleeps through the night, but even when little she never messed in her crate. Good luck with your new pup!
I also sleep with the new puppy next to me. I know exactly when their little body starts to move and outside they go. IMO they sleep better becoase they are secure and warm. I alsp like them sleeping next to me :).
Beckham has been crated at night since he came home at around 9 wks. He slept through the night that night and every night since. He naps in his crate as well. I have asthma so no pets are allowed in my bedroom at all. They know to stop at the door and never scratch or cry at the door. I started this very very young. I think it is a personal decision on sleeping with your pet or not. I am a very light sleeper so that would never be an option for me. Good luck with your baby. :)
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I would take my pup out every two hours or so. After a couple times he got used to it, so everytime he had to go potty, he would go sit next to the door, look at me and start whining so I can take him to potty
As amazing as it feels to cuddle up to a new puppy at night, in my experience its a very difficult habit to break.

So when i got my dobe, Layla, she was crated from day one (as heart breaking as it is). Otherwise trying to break the snuggly in bed habit later is difficult and whiney!

They don't like to pee where they sleep, so she learnt bladder control very quickly to avoid soiling her crate. From about night 6, she was sleeping from midnight all the way through to 7:30am with no soiling or whimpering.
My puppy came from a home which had a doggie door. So, although he was already trained to go potty outside, we had to completely break him of the 'pacing by the door just to go outside because I'm bored' habit.. As far as potty training went - at week 11 (when we brought him home) we had to take him out every 4-6 hrs (and he would let us know when he needed to go by whimpering)

Hope this helps! Best of luck!
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