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eph94 said:
Well, Harley is now a year old and he's still not reliable in the house if we break his "regular" potty schedule. While he understands "Go potty" and goes on command, he apparently doesn't necessarily feel the need to wait for me to issue the command outside.

Today, after we got back from the dog park, he emptied his bladder inside the house. Now maybe I should have told him to potty before going in the house, but I *know* I saw him go a few times at the dog park so I didn't think it was necessary. At any rate, I figured he would find me to let me know he needs to go out, but he didn't.

Several times a day over the past 4 months I've been praising him whenever he potties outside. I assume he would have made the connection that outside equal place to potty, but he obviously has not made that connection yet.

I just ordered the Poochie bells and I'm going to start ringing them whenever we go outside, but if he doesn't equate outside, and outside only, with potty, will the bells make a difference?

At some point will he just magically figure out that inside the house is not the proper place to go? I would love to give him more freedom outside his crate when I can't hover over him, but today's accident let me know that it is not possible yet.

Harley's Dad
I dont think he will magically figure it out. I think it has to be trained just like anything else. I think the poochie bells are a great idea. I had something similar when Rommel was little. I have thought about getting some for Ziris too. She is good as long as you stick to a schedule. She has had a few accidents, but they werent her fault......she came in and barked at me like a loon.....but she loves to bark and growl and act like a nut, so I just figured she was being a little demon like usual. Then about 1 minute later she squats right in front of now.......any time she does it, we go outside.

You just have to figure out what his "signs" are. Keep a close eye on him, and freedom in the house has to be earned. Really the crate is the best tool for that. My male was easier to potty train, but I dont know if that is the "norm" or not......he is the only male I have ever owned. I know that you do not EVER want to allow him to start marking in the house, I have heard it is pretty hard to break.
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