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Hot Weather

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It's April and here in Arkansas we are having over 90 degree heat wave.
What can I do to help keep Allie cool. I thought of putting ice in her water. Is that a good idea or not?
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I don't know about dogs, but for humans..... It actually takes more energy for our bodys to hydrate with very cold water than it would with room temperature.
Ice water isn't really a good idea. I would just put a little kiddie pool outside and let your pup go in and out as he wants, the water will cool him just fine that way. Also keep plenty of luke/cool water for him/her to drink and set up a nice shady place somewhere (possibly with a small fan running) for a resting spot.
she might steal all the ice cubes right away lol.
when you go out you can bring a spray you can mist her down...I also sometimes use a spray bottle for duchess's drinking water. She got use to it when she was a puppy. I'd just spay the water into her mouth. also if she is playing in the yard...or just want to cool can get one of those kiddy pools like the one in Graciesmom pictures have...fill it up with cold water. Duchess doesnt really care for water but she will walk in it to cool her paws and dunk her face. Find spots in the shade when just hanging out outside. can soak a bandana in ice cold water and then tie it around her neck...keep 2 in the ice water so that one can soak while the other is on. They also sell toys that you can soak and then freeze they are used for teething but if you find one that wont get destroyed then they make a great cold toy.
Thanks Guys, all of you have great advise. Looks like I am going to the store.
Red Dobie said:
It's April and here in Arkansas we are having over 90 degree heat wave.
What can I do to help keep Allie cool. I thought of putting ice in her water. Is that a good idea or not?
I live on the edge of the desert in Southern CA, where it's usually at least 90-100 degrees every day during the summer...the dogs go out to play either early in the morning or in the evening when it starts to cool down. I don't make them stay outside during the heat of the day, nor would they WANT to at that time..they're pretty well committed to staying in the air conditioned house.

Keep them out of heat like that..they don't have any kind of insulating undercoat to protect them.
yeah I agree with Murrey Dobe...first we just want to make sure that your dog IS a indoor dog. We would never want a doggie to live outdoors. Assuming that you only allow the dogs outside to play or while your outdoors with them ...The pool and anything used to cool off is just some things that can be fun for when they are playing outside. Also if you want to have fun outdoors in the yard when it is hot out you can hook up the sprinkler (just make sure they arent going to be sprinting around b.c they might slip)
Oh yeah, Allie is an indoor baby. I would go crazy not having her close by. Plus, she wouldn't know what to if she had to sleep outside,
Ice in the water bowl wouldn't hurt. My boy likes to eat the ice out of his bowl as a treat, like he is bobbing for apples, he just loves ice. It is a nice treat.

I agree with the others, a kiddie pool, cool fresh water, a misting bottle, spot in the shade, soaked in water bandana, not going outside during peak hot sun times, all of those are good suggestions. Playing hard in the middle of the peak heat hours is not a good idea in high temps like that. I also find it wears dogs down fast, the heat, and they would much rather prefer to lounge on the couch where it is cool.

I freeze Kong’s & bones, and make frozen ice type treats (made with low sodium chicken stock) for extra enjoyment. You just pour the chicken stock in a container and make fun shapes, as large or small as you want. If you have a puppy (or an adult that doesn’t tear up toys) you can soak a rag in cold water and put it in the freezer, works great for teething and cooling down a puppy.

I also play a game I call “hose”, where I spray the water with either a sprayer or by hand, not only it is a fun game, it also helps cool off. My friends have an outside mister they attach to the hose for their dogs; it sits upright and does feel good to both humans and dogs in the heat. I really like that idea too.

For hikes a quick dip and swim in a pond or stream is helpful too. During lake trips swimming to cool down is especially important. When we are hiking or out at the lake multiple resting breaks are required as well as large amounts of fresh water and frequent swims.

I also place a fan on the ground inside the house just in case a quick cool down is needed, as well as have multiple fresh water dishes around in different rooms/places in the house.
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You can use an electric pressure washer as a misting device (hold it back atleast 10 feet though). Sounds crazy, but the generated mist is very cool and thick and dogs really really enjoy it. I discovered this pressure washing my parent's patio with their lab :)
Okay guys I posted this I think a while back! Make your dog a doggie cool collar!
Take a bandana and cut it in two like a triangle. now fold the long cut top over once and sew or use that iron on mending tape. Now fold down again to make a tube on top like you see on the top of your curtains. Sew down the edge and also one of the ends. Leave one end open. now put a little about 1/4 to 1/2 of the product called "cracked ice" into the opening that you left. now sew the end shut.
Soak in cold water for about 1/2 hour. wring out excess water lightly and then tie around dogs neck.. this cool collar will stay cool for hours and is reusable.. If you need help let me know.
I do remember you posting that before Frznbuns! Very handy!
I have looked for that cracked ice and cant find it....
I would love to able to post some tips on how to keep your dogs cool, but in this country it's not so much of a problem,i have more problems keeping them warm. At the moment we have a lake forming in the field and the pack chased ducks this morning instead of rabbits.Hope we geta summer this year.
We bought Java a plastic sandbox with a lid and fill that with water. She tries to paw some of it out, will stand or sit in it, and since it is on the north side of the house, is shaded during the hottest part of the day. I put chilled (not ice) water in her bowl, give her some crushed ice - it's a drink, AND a toy!

Some Dobes like sprinklers - keep it at their chin height and they will try and bite the water and drink from it. And probably end up laying in the puddles it makes...

Catalogues like CherryBrook (.com) and J&B Distributors (.com) carry nylon/canvas awnings you can buy for your dog if there isn't any outdoor shade available for them to lay under.

It was an unseasonably warm 75 in NJ yesterday and the dogs @ the park were panting like crazy in the sun and the shade. Good thing I brought extra water. Close to 80 today so early dog park visit is in the works!
We just make sure that we stay inside in the heat of the day. Lots of shade, but that can even get hot. I do have the Chilly Bone that they sell at pet stores that are supposed to help them. I bought it to help my Doodle in his teething stage. You soak it and freeze it. It is made of canvas. I wouldn't myself neccessarily recommend it to stay cool. I never had that good of luck with it for his teething like it said. I had better luck with ice cubes. It never really soaked in the water good enough to freeze and stay cold long for them. Just my opinion though. Maybe someone else had better luck with it.
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