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Hope's Bad Picture

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Hey, I found my HS's website found Hope and discovered she is on Petfinder. I had no idea she was on there. She is under Trixie and they call her a labmix. It is a terrible picture and you can't really see her face, but her color shows up great:)
She doesn't look dobe at all here. I'll have to take my own and show you what she really looks like.
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She looks like a Lab cross to me but your right it's really hard to tell.
She is attached to a Class A long coffee-table clearer and automatic dusting device.
yeah from the photo she reminds me of my lab mix, coco...he is a chocolate color with the white area on his chest :)
She looks like a lab cross just like the one I had years ago.
A "pox" on you people who suggested she was a lab mix:) :) :)

She probably does have some in her, I concede (1. transitive verb reluctantly accept something to be true: to admit or acknowledge something, often grudgingly or with reluctance)note the words after "often."
The dobe shows up in her head and is more obvious when she holds her head certain ways. The best way I have figured out to explain it is if you have a son and nobody thinks he looks like his father, but when he holds his head a certain way, you can see his father all in it.
I used to raise and show dobermans and you study the doberman, you just don't look at them, but deeply study every bone in their body. I will get some shots to show what I mean, but it may be awhile. I want to get her used to the car, sunny day, and friend will have to help me while she is at work, but I will get them.

Yes, Sooz, thank goodness, I don't have a coffee table!!!
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