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Holy cow batman!

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I found this picture of sadie and I absolutely though it was hillarious. I just had to share. It's older but oh well XD :anicam:

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LOL! She says "Hey, No pointing the finger buddy!"
Tooooo cute, better watch out that baaaaaddd dobergirl will eat your face off!!!!! LOL
Careful, she just be ready to turn on her
HAHAHA, talk to the hand...don't come near the vicious beast! LOL

Great shot, Sadesmom! Thanks for sharing.
That is really funny. Better not turn that finger on her.
Thanks everyone! XD It just tickled me so much when I looked at it, cause when it flashed it was looking like an ordinary picture lmao Like a kid that makes funny faces right when you get to "cheese" lmao... not to mention both expressions were kind of amusing XD
Looks more like she is saying " I'll look at the camera when I am [email protected] good and ready to look at the camera buddy boy!"

hehehehehe, I love little puppy teeth!
VERY cute picture!
haha!!! what a nice little puppy!!! haha can I pet her!!? lol. :)
Haha, how cute!! She seems to be saying "hey it isn't polite to point fingers!"
OMG. . . that is too funny!!!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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