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Hold still so I can chew on your face

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Ahahaha!! My boy pretends to yawn, then plants his open mouth on his brother!

Gorgeous looking dogs you have btw!
So cute, and SO handsome!
LOL, mine just finished playing that exact game!

Thanks for the video! You boy is growing so fast!
It's not's a dance...seriously, they could be on 'Dancing With the Stars'

and Cher is soooo gentle

loved the video!
Love your video and your great looking dogs!! It's amazing how quiet they are except for a few squeals at the beginning! The stare-offs with stink eyes at minute 4:00 and after are hilarious! :emo: Very enjoyable. Wish we had such a partner for our Spock.
They're so sweet, and Cher looks like an amazing big sister! Loved the video!
Love the video it reminds me of my two playing together. Beautiful dobies they look like great friends.
ah ha!! he goes Puppy on her and she doesn't know what to do LOL
so cute! reminds me of my two when they get to playing "my teeth are bigger than yours"
Cher wins but I want to see this war in another year.
ok any suggestions on how to handle this game with a chihuahua? Its a constant battle. Our poor chi has all these war wounds on her, forget about separating them, tried that, done that, she misses her dobe sister terribly and finds a way to wiggle out to be with her. I don't know how to handle the rough play, I mean I am constantly yelling no bite, no bite but its like they laugh at me and go back right at it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My poor chi's coat is getting destroyed from all the rough playing and I really want this pup to learn to be gentle with her.
Holy Crap, Julie - he is so damn squishy bouncy puppy boy adorable. ARGH!!!

(Yeah, Cher definitely has the upper hand, and I have a feeling she always will. ;) )
do you not just love to watch 2 dobermans at play way too cute
SO cute, I could watch that for hours! :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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