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hobbling dog

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my pup injured her left hind leg yesterday and limping very noticably. i applied slight pressure to her leg to find out hwere exactly it is, and it seems to be the upper, meaty/muscle portion of her left hind leg. when i did, she yelped a bit. should i be taking her to the doctor, or wait it out a bit while icing it? very concerned.
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I would go to the vet, especially if they keep limping on it.
I would take her in too if it is at all possible. It will put your mind at ease, and could help her out of pain sooner rather than later :)

Orson had a limp on his front leg awhile back and was prescribed anti-inflammatory meds that cleared it up asap.
thanks guys, i have an appt with my vet in half an hour. It's sweet how the vet is not even 1 min away from my house lol.

As for dolce, u can tell she's in some pain. Very quiet, and is always laying down and whimpering sometimes.
Let us know what the vet says. Hoping it is nothing serious.
just admitted her in. gonan have to leave her there for a few hours since their nurses are a lil busy with another dog doin ultrasounds. the vet said her legs seemed stable, but just wanted to check for any hairline fractures and things like that. her leg is significantly swollen though.
Awe, I am sending prayers and good thoughts your way. I hope it isn't broken or fractured............I hope it is just a strain or extended muscle, something that time & a few meds will fix.
she came back from the vet just now and they said they didn't find anything broken or any hairline fractures and just gave her something for the pain and strict rest for 7-10 days. thank goodness!

thanks guys for ur .02 cents and the support!
Glad it wasn't anything serious and that she's on the mend - Good luck with that 7-10 days rest! LOL :)
so very glad to hear that she is doing well!
Good news! and Tracy is sooooooooooo right, LOL
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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