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How is everyone. I am located in Los Angeles. I have four dobermans three females one male. as well as a thoroughbred and lets not forget the husband. I cant wait to get to know everyone.
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Have you posted any pictures of your Dobermans in the photo gallery? What are their names? Tell us about them. :)

I have one Doberman, he's a puppy, 8 months old.
Thanks guys. I will have to have to get some pics for you guys. As soon as I can move around a bit better. sorry guys. Am a bit disabled these days... broken neck :( so i will do that at some point when i can get up and move around a little more.
Hello snickerdoodle and welcome. You will like the board here, lots of help and the people are really nice, I have been here just a few short weeks.

I am glad you included the hubby LOL can't forget the men can we now??

I have an 11 month black dobe girl named Da'Kari and an 11 week old red boy named Nash.

OH yeah, and a hubby, four kids and 2 grandkids. :chickenfa :chickenfa

DaKari that is cute!

two of them are Snicker and Doodle, hence the name. the other two havent gotten named as of yet. still trying to decide but they go by number one and number two.
Welcome, I hope you enjoy this forum. Not to pry, but how did you break your neck?
Someone smashed in my new car :( two weeks after I bought it. I am very sad and hurting. I havent been able to work in weeks. and I am ready to go back. Maybe two more weeks and Ill being doing well enough to go back and work again.
wow, im sorry to hear that. But seems like you are doing better, Which is terrific!, can i ask how old your dobes are? especially #1 & 2. just curious
number 1 is 10 weeks goes in a a week for ear crop :D

number 2 is 6 weeks hasnt even arrived as of yet.
That's awful, glad you made it through o.k. :)
Thank You. Kids racing. I guess they are giving licenses out way to early anymore. before doing and IQ test.
Hi there and welcome to the board. Im pretty new here too and everyone has been just great to me. We live in NC and have 1 dobe and 1 min pin. Vegas is our dobe and reno the other. Sorry about your neck and hope you get well soon.
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Nice to meet you. Im taking this is your baby in the picture. So beautiful
Welcome to the forum. I am owned by a beautiful dober boy named apollo. Sorry to hear about your neck, but I am sure the critters are keeping you good company. when you have a chance, you'll have to get pictures up. we are all overly obsessive about our dobes - and everyone elses for that matter.

Congratulations on your newest bundle of joy - when does #2 arrive.

oh im not sure. i asked her and she will be around probably in a three months hehehe.. i hope.. thanks so much... the whole neck thing limits me to b***hing and moaning haha nothing more
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