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So I have been watching Odin like a hawk and watching what he gets into what he eats because he started to break out in hives again. I thought it was the food at first that I was switching him to but my instincts told me that wasn't it. We made the full switch and I fed him his firs meal of the dog food we switched him to and I brought him to work with me and he still had a couple of hives here and there from the last break out but other than that it was clearing up. So no way it was the food because he was eating and had solid stools.

So I go home and all of a sudden he started to get some more hives and I think I have finally found out what it is that is causing them...its the febreze we use on our couch. So it looks like we will no longer be using that. We already switched out floor cleaning products to an all natural products with not harsh chemicals.

I am going to take him in sometime and get a environmental allergy test done to see if he is allergic to anything else, anyone else do this and have some stories to tell? I like to go in with as much knowledge as possible.

The good thing about when he breaks out is that they don't seem to bother him. He doesn't excessively itch or anything and they are never in his ears or his mouth, just on the back of his neck to the rear of his bum which would make sense because he lays on the couch with all those body parts touching.

LOL poor guy was giving me the dirty look every time I told him no when he wanted to get up on the couch and cuddle with me last night.
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