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hiking distance?

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Allie is still a baby at 18 weeks. But, I want to begin hiking it's spring/summer and think it would be great fun for Allie and for my family. I'm not sure on just how long of a hike to start her out on. :thinking:

Last night, we all outside playing around and Allie began to really listen to me. I felt so good!!!:cool2:
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I started to take Jazzy on a 6 mile walk and we loved it but I've since read under 12 month old Dobes shouldn't do more that a couple of miles or half hour walk a day!!!!
Keep your hikes short for your pup's first year, real short. The stress of a long hike is not good for the developing bones of a puppy. Some folks recomend giving pups a year-and-a-half before taking them running or on longer hikes.

I'm in the same boat you're in. I'm getting a pup real soon (today sshhhh!) and I love hiking. I won't be doing much this year, and right now is my favorite time to get out (daylight-saving-time while there's still snow on the ground).

If you keep your hikes real short ( a mile or two) for your pup's first year, you should be fine. And next year you'll have a healthy hiking partner who'll be able to go anywhere you go, and like it.
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