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Hi newbie here (long)

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Hi everyone,

I'm Vikki from the UK I have 2 dogs a 3 yr old choc lab called Giz and a 3 week old dobe called Wez. I have had Wez since he was a few hours old and have been bottle feeding him. He was from a puppy farm that my friend worked at. The breeder had mated a bitch knowing that she couldn't prouduce milk and when my friend questioned him his responce was that he would drown the pups and have her pts!!! My friend was telling me all this but I was a bit unsure if I could do anything, as I have 3 kids one of which is only 5 months so we where going to wait till next year before we got a dobe. I told her to keep me informed and me and hubby would have a chat, we decided to go for it. My friend phoned me on the day she was due to tell me that he was closing the kennels for a week so he didnt need her in :sadcry: as he lived on the property he would have got to the pups and killed them. The week went by and I had given up hope, then my friend rang me to tell me that she was in labour and the owner had gone out, she rushed down to the kennel to find the bitch had had 3 pups 2 of which where still born and one she had thrown to the otherside of the kennel, she rushed over and picked him up wrapped him and blankets and made the 4 hr journey to my house. When Wez arrived he was so small and was still half in the placenta and had his cord long. I cleaned him up and got him comfortable but I really didn't think he would make it! but as the days went by he got stronger and stronger and is now nearly 4 weeks and running around everywhere. It has been hard as this is the first pup I have had so young but its been well worth it. He is a happy confident boy.
I have put pics of Wez's progress up in my gallery so please take a look.
Look forward to chatting to everyone on here.

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What a lucky dog! That's an amazing story, Vikki. Wez will always remember what you did for him, I'll bet he'll be the best dog ever.
Wow! Well Welcome to the forum! that breeder if you want to call him that should be taken out and shot!! What a God send you and your friend are! I look forward to seeing how your little guy is doing over the next weeks months and years, yes, years!!!! Welcome!
what an angel you are and I am sure that Wez already knows that at his tender age. I am so happy that you were able to save one pup - and join us here on the forum. welcome. I know you will get lots of good info from lots of good folks.

hi and welcome where abouts inthe uk are you in suffolk :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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