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Hi From Ren and Indiana

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Hey there! This site has been a great help to me so i've decided to join! My large family has always had dogs but Indiana here is my first baby! He's growing up too fast!!

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Such a lovely boy!! The red bandana will be too small for him before you know it. Enjoy this first year :)

If you're using the leash as a restraint as you drive, I would also use a harness, at least, so he won't get choked if you step on the brakes suddenly!
Hello and welcome from Texas. Good looking boy.
Thanks for the welcome guys! Melbrod we were actually on our way to get him a harness, I was scared of that happening too! He is growing pretty fast but hopefully not me! :D I'm already looking back at pictures I took of him, I feel like a crazy old cat lady.
Welcome Ren & Indiana! They grow entirely too fast! It feels like just yesterday when my Duke was that small!
Welcome! Your pup is adorable!
Baby boy... so cute
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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